Program costs

Program costs

Program costs

Each student registered in this program benefits from a $400 scholarship which has been deducted from the total cost. The prices indicated below are the net amount to be received by Eduespaña after this scholarship.

A nonrefundable deposit of $200 must be made with pre-enrollment and full program cost paid upon submission of the final enrollment form. Airfare to and from Spain is not included in the program cost and is the responsibility of the student.




The total cost of the program is: Nonrefundable deposit+ Program cost

Nonrefundable deposit: Program cost:
$200 $2,150

For details on special lodging requests (single room, student residence, extra nights, or transportation to or from the airport at other-than-established times), please consult the “Location and Participating school” section.


Cancellations and returns

Once payment is made in full, a student is considered officially enrolled. If the student chooses to cancel his or her enrollment, part of the program cost will be returned, but in no case will the deposit be returned. Depending on the amount of advance notice the student gives when canceling, the following amounts will be refunded:


For courses taken in July 2015:

  • Cancellation by June 19: 60% of the program cost
  • Cancellation between June  20 – July 2: 30% of the program cost


No refund will be made if cancellation occurs three days or fewer prior to the start of the course, if the student quits the program once in Spain, or if the student is expelled.

Devaluation of the dollar

The program cost has been set based on the following exchange rate: 1 euro = $1.25. If at the time the student submits payment the U.S. dollar has decreased in value by 10 percent or more relative to the euro, participating schools reserve the right to adjust their fees accordingly.