Students can register individually or in groups accompanied by a teacher. Written permission to participate from his or her legal guardian(s) must be included with the registration form of any student younger than eighteen. No student younger than 16 will be allowed to register individually.

January – April 2015

Individual enrollment

1 Students should enroll online and send the payment sheet and nonrefundable deposit by fax or mail before April 30, 2015.

Pre-enrollment AP LITERATURE (ON LINE)


Pre-enrollement AP LITERATURE (download PDF)


Payment Form AP LITERATURE (download PDF)

After April 30, applications will be accepted on a space availability basis.


2 Students will be notified of their FINAL ENROLLMENT by May 15, 2015. At that time, they will also receive instructions on how to submit payment.

Groups must contain at least 5 students in order to form an AP Literature group. If less than 5 students are interested in forming this group by a decided date, the school will determine whether the course will take place and will notify the effected students before May 15, 2015. In the event that the course is cancelled, 100% of the paid deposit will be returned to the pre-registered students.

3  Students must send the final Enrollment Form with payment by May 23, 2015. Until payment in full has been confirmed, the student will not be considered officially enrolled.

Group enrollment

Students may also enroll in groups. For group enrollment, the teacher in charge should contact Eduespaña by April 30, 2015 for instructions on how to enroll the group.

If there are 12 or more students in a group, a schedule can be tailor-made to meet their specific needs

May-June 2015

1  Students will receive information from their host families and detailed information from their schools at least two weeks prior to the start of the course.


2 On the final Payment Sheet (which must be submitted by May 23, 2015), students should confirm their flight information (airline, flight number, date and time of arrival) so that they can be met at the airport. The deadline for submitting student flight information is May 15, 2015.