Bernadette Alloway – Mother of Elizabeth Alloway

“Thank you so much for all your help organizing Elizabeth’s Spanish course at Spain this June.  Everything has been going very well. Elizabeth had a wonderful experience at your school.”

Antonella Amelang – mother of the student Cosima Amelang

“They absolutely loved everything about their stay:  the family was extremely nice and welcoming (and fed them excellent food!!!), their apartment was very comfortable and ensured that they had their own privacy (being within walking distance from the beach made it even better!!!), the school and the activities planned during the 3 week stay were superb, and the city of Barcelona offered an amazing wealth of recreational opportunities.  In other words:  it could not have been better.  I am sure that both girls will treasure the memories from this experience, and Barcelona will always have a special place in their hearts.”

Jessie Yoh – student

“At first my parents were hesitant about such a program. They felt it was too good to be true. However, we signed up and when I arrived, the program did more that we could ever possibly ask for. I received an extremely welcoming host family who did everything to make my stay enjoyable. The teacher at the school made the learning interesting while the school excursions provided an unforgettable experience. Most importantly, it was the people that I met from this program that helped open my eyes to the rest of the world. Overall, I had a great time and I would recommend anyone else who is interested to participate.”

Mrs. Larson., DURANGO HIGH SCHOOL – Teacher of Spanish who participated in the program

“I have noticed a significant difference between my advanced students who have travelled to Barcelona and those who have not. The students that participated in the program have gained a lot of confidence in their language skills, especially in their comprehension of the Spanish language. They feel more comfortable with the Spanish language and culture. One of my goals was for them to grow more mature in Spain and thanks to the program it has been achieved.”

Patricia and Robert Haddad – Parents of Alina Haddad

“I want to thank you again for taking care of our family’s questions and needs to make Alina’s stay in Spain a huge success.  She returned so delighted about her stay in Spain.  Alina’s Spanish is much improved and she learned a lot about Spain, its customs, its history, and its hospitality. It is an experience that she will always remember fondly. We are very grateful to you and all the people who made this possible for our daughter. I wish you much success with next year’s program and will certainly recommend it to the students and teachers at our high school.”

Ella Kaszubski – mother of  Patrick Kaszubski

“I want to let you know that Patrick had a wonderful time in Spain. The school was fun and fairly challenging, and he met some really nice kids with whom I think he will stay in touch. His Spanish has definitely improved and it became much easier for him to speak. Patrick was our guide and translator for the entire trip. Overall Patrick was very happy and is already thinking of going back next summer.”